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Follow your own true path to work and a life that is more meaningful. Follow the Code-Gold’s Code.
Gold’s Code is more than a blog, it is a personal and professional tool kit of motivators and mindsets, strategies and skillsets, a holistic approach of tactics and techniques to a healthy work-life balance to help you pursue your passion and transform your life. Whether you're an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer or founder, or someone whose career or business needs help in pushing forward momentum, Gold's Code is an energetic engagement that will provide you with the know-how and go-how, that can lead you to discover the real power of you. Turn achieving happiness and success into a matter of choice, not a matter of chance.

Millennial Coaching

Shaun’s Simple Sessions; One-On-One coaching to advance personally and professionally.

Become awesome and then some

Are you miserable, struggling to put up with what's holding you down? Are you overwhelmed and becoming stagnant? No matter where you are on your path, if you feel stuck, unheard or unseen at work, or you're just ready for a change, Shaun gets it. With real experience and real results by a peer, Shaun’s one-on-one, no-nonsense, authentic approach, will help you identify challenges and changes, clarify your values, vision and passions, unlocking your why and way to a more meaningful career and life.

Drive success

Fitting in is a stay in your lane strategy. Standing out is a passing lane strategy. You must be willing to move at the speed of opportunity or risk having opportunity pass you by. Shaun doesn't just teach you the ropes, he teaches you to bungee jump. Through encouragement, honesty and real perspective, Shaun can help you shift your strengths, overcome obstacles and teach you how to throttle up confidently with the focus and the fuel to claim your goals, and a work-life balance that is meaningful to you.

Learn the how of WOW!

You have the ambition and talent, and yet, you’re not where you want to be. Turn surviving into thriving by positioning your passion, new idea and unique talents to hack the awesomeness within. From the workplace to your digital space, Shaun Gold will train you in the how of WOW! so that you can experience more freedom and flexibility, gaining the recognition and rewards you deserve. Discover your intuitive and creative- your true north for greater growth and personal success. Make an impact that has meaning and is meaningful to you and others. No longer will you wait or wish for things to happen, you will learn how to go out and happen to things. Shaun's passion is making things happen, what’s your passion?


Shaun Gold, also known as “the nightlife Ninja,” is an out-of-the-box brand marketer and event accelerator, recognized for his non-traditional strategies to promote and enhance nightlife, superstar performances, media events, and luxury product launches. Shaun coaches’ millennial CEO’s, entrepreneurs and founders of startups and stand outs, people who are hacking the concept of work, pursuing their own definition of success.

An impact evangelist, Shaun is recognized for his expertise in creating value and cross-pollination through the cultural drift of the new connection economy. He collaborates with businesses large and small to help develop and amplify deeply engaging products and services that resonate with a new generation of consumer.

Shaun is also the author of four books including two #1 Amazon Best Sellers, “Promoter Mind Hustler Heart,” and “Better Be U,” He is an inspiring and engaging speaker, whose wit and wisdom has made him an invited speaker to university students, young professionals and business owners on, marketing that matters, millennial motivation, and the changing world of disruptive acceleration.

Shaun’s Simple Sessions; One-On-One Coaching.

It’s the questions we ask or fail to ask that determines our direction. You know what’s holding you or your business back from moving forward. You need to ask your questions and get the answers right now, without the costs or commitment of a full-time coach or business mentor. Shaun’s Simple Sessions are not a replacement for on-going coaching or for long term business strategizing, they are 30 minute One-On-One actionable ASAP calls to address specific issues that are prompting your procrastination and progress.

Business Brandwidth and Amplification Consulting

If you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer or founder, or someone whose business needs help in pushing forward momentum, Shaun can help you generate greatness. Shaun works with businesses to amplify their consumer persuasiveness and presence.

Let’s Do This.

For inquiries about Shaun’s Simple Sessions; One-on-One Coaching, consulting, or speaking engagements, get in contact to learn more.