Millennials Must Embrace Chaos

Millennials Must Embrace Chaos

Millennials Must Embrace Chaos

Millennials must embrace chaos, it is that simple.

Because life is many things for millennials, none of them fair.

And yes, life is wonderful, life is grand, life is to live. But do you know what else life is? It is honest. It promises nothing and keeps that promise. It is under no obligation to you to make any sense nor provide you success, fame, and riches.

And since these turbulent times has shown us our collective Achilles heel, and that the universe likes to play cosmic tricks on millennials, it is you who must take charge and direct your well-deserved destiny if you want wonders and glories to unfurl. It will not come to you as you sit back and hope for the best. Try as you might, wish upon a star, and hope the Powerball numbers appear in your favor, life is far too short. In other very important words, choose to live a life of choice, not a life of chance.

This blog is centrally, primarily, and crucially about how to do exactly that.

Now more than ever, in this new normal of economic survival, the reality of professional security is going, going, gone. Careers and entire industries are being disrupted. The once paved paths that millennials were led to believe was a sure thing, the path that led from colleges to jobs with large paychecks and promises of success are now gone, falling away in the face of crushing debt, long hours, lower pay, and a higher cost of living. Accept it or not, the free fall of chaos is the New Norm.

If you think that success is a matter of fate, luck or DNA; that by simply tippy-toeing through a blissful and comfortable ambivalence hoping that somehow things will work out, is the happy spin you need settle for—AAARRRGHHH—then now’s the time to leave this page and revert to the popular millennials are killing everything meme. Maybe craft a life plan that includes pixie dust or a lottery ticket and hope all the winning numbers match yours. With a sad nod of the head, here’s wishing that people will continue to look on you with kindness while they whisper sad, cruel things about millennials and the rest of our generation.

But if you aren’t willing to settle for anything less than your unlimited potential; if there is a passion burning inside you that echoes and your prayer is to someday change your situation and turn your dreams into a living reality; if the vision you have for yourself cannot stop going into overdrive, then welcome to the madness and chaos of Gold’s Code.

And chaos my friends…chaos is where dreams are born.

Follow the code.

Gold’s Code.

Shaun Gold

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